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Scholarly Articles

Forecheck, Backcheck…Paycheck? Employment Status of the Quasi-Professional Athlete: A Case Study of the CHL and the Major Junior Hockey Player

By Andrew C. Harmes in Volume 7-2 of the Harvard Law School Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law

This scholarly article written by a former CHL draft pick analyzes the applicable law and concludes that the facts weigh heavily in favour of finding that CHL players are in employment relationships with their teams. Read the article here.

Getting an Icy Reception: Do Canadian Hockey League Players Deserve to Be Paid?

By Andrew Steadman in Volume 13-2 of the Willamette Sports Law Journal

In this scholarly article, a U.S. lawyer compares the CHL to the NCAA and concludes that “it makes sense that junior hockey players should be compensated in a way that reflects their professional status.” Read the article here.