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Judicial Commentary

"Senior and experienced, indeed outstanding class action lawyers."

MacBrayne v Lifelabs [2020]

"Charney is unquestionably qualified to act as counsel."

Ison T Auto Sales v. Zurich Insurance [2011]

"This settlement will serve as a benchmark for future privacy breach class actions and encourage organizations throughout Canada to take privacy seriously, for fear of facing serious litigation consequences for a privacy breach."

Condon v Canada [2018]

"…In addition, I must keep in mind the results that class counsel have achieved for the class in concluding a settlement with the Defendants. Here, the Settlement Agreement represents compensation and justice for many thousands of consumers in a situation where the size of each claim would doubtless have discouraged or impeded litigation for most of those individuals. That is the type of access to justice that the CPA was designed to foster."

Romeo v Ford [2019]

"The plaintiffs and the defendants with the assistance of their legal counsel, have provided access to justice and adequate compensation for thousands of citizens."

Maple Leaf Foods Class Action [2009]

"Class Counsel has achieved a fair and reasonable settlement for the class."

Sunrise Propane Class Action [2014]

The Counsel Team includes counsel who are very experienced in class action litigation and have the resources and experience to advance this claim on a national scale.

Menu Foods Class Action [2007]

"The legal work that was done on this matter including all of the allocation of various compensation categories was excellent."

Charmley et al. v. Deltera Construction [2013]

"The proposed settlement would cover most if not all of the losses sustained. That is, to say the least, an excellent result."

Kennedy et al. v. Toronto Hydro [2012]

"I find that the plaintiff’s counsel presented a well prepared, organized and efficient case."

Giordano v. Li [2015]

"In my opinion, Class Counsel secured a very good result for the Class. I approve the settlement."

Brigaitis v IQT [2016]

"Mr. Charney conducted the Applicant's case in an exemplary and efficient manner, which was to the benefit of all concerned, his clients, the insurer and myself alike."

Amoa-Williams v. Allstate [2000]